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Water Conservation

•Get tips on how to save water in the kitchen.
•Find products that benefit the environment.

Even though 70 percent of the earth's surface is covered by water, less than one percent is suitable for consumption. With the earth's population continuing to rise, it is critical that we get smarter about how we use our supply of potable water. The good news is that we all can make a difference just by making a few small changes to our daily habits.

Everyday environmentalism

When it comes to saving water in the kitchen, a few small steps can make a big difference. Consider these tips for reducing your water consumption every day.

Water Conservation Kitchen 1
1.   Capture running water while waiting for the temperature to change: this excess water can be used to water plants.

2.  When doing dishes, it's best to use a water and energy-efficient dishwasher. Today's models actually save more water than washing dishes by hand. If you decide to hand wash, fill a small tub with as little water as possible. Use only the required amount of dish soap and put the dishes in a rack to rinse them all together and reduce rinse water. Be sure to use short bursts instead of letting the water run.

3.   Keep a container of drinking water in the refrigerator. With cold drinking water on hand, you’ll waste less than you would while waiting for the faucet to change temperature for each glass of water.

4.   Do not defrost frozen food with running water. Use the microwave or defrost in the refrigerator.

5.   When cooking, use only the amount of water required; this reduces the amount of water you'll waste when straining.

6.   In the laundry room, be sure to match the water level with your load size.

If your washing machine doesn’t allow manual water level adjustment, wait until you have a full load before you run your machine.

Water Conservation Kitchen 3

Water-saving products

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home, and cooking and cleaning can really jack up water use. When it’s time to remodel, consider using water-conserving kitchen products and technologies to help reduce waste water and decrease your water bill.

The easiest way to save water in the kitchen is to install low-flow faucet aerators. Aerators add air to the water flow, reducing the amount of water released from an activated kitchen faucet.

Hot water is a real necessity in the kitchen, but we tend to waste a lot of water while we wait for it to warm up. Installing a Piping Hot® hot water dispenser puts hot water right at your fingertips. No waiting necessary, and more importantly, no water wasted in the process.

The Avatar® kitchen faucet offers the same water-saving functionality, with a temperature memory mechanism that allows water to be turned on or off at any temperature.

Water Conservation Kitchen 4
In addition to the hot water faucet, filtered water faucets are convenient and help save water by reducing the need for bottled water and its plastic waste.

Get more information on water-saving products.

Help us promote water conservation by taking our quiz at, and find out what conservation efforts are taking place in your area.



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