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Five Signs That It's Time to Remodel Your Bath



•Learn when it's time to upgrade your bathroom.
•Discover the correlation between lifestyle and room design.

Holes in the floor, a rusty bathtub, a toilet that just won't cooperate—these are the types of big-ticket bathroom problems that require major repairs. But what about the smaller signs that it's time to upgrade your bathroom? They might not be quite what you expect.

1. The little things start to go wrong

All bathrooms are prone to everyday wear and tear, but some problems require more than a simple repair job. "When the tile grout begins to flake out of its joints, the whites in the bathroom turn yellow, or the ceiling is crumbling from moisture, it's time," says Toronto-based interior designer Tania Bortolotto. Depending on the cost of serious repairs, it may make sense to spend a little more and create a brand new bathroom.

2. You're stuck in a retro rut

While it's true that yesterday's trends often resurface, some are best left in the past. "Some people still have the avocado-and-gold color palette from the '70s," says Carol McCurdy of Galleria Bath and Kitchen Showplace in Pinellas Park, FL. "Creating a fresh look can be as simple as using a neutral color in your tub and lavatory, and accenting it with color on the wall and window treatments." If your bathroom sends you into a time warp, it's due for an update.

3. You're thinking of selling your home

Why would you remodel your bathroom if you're not planning to stay there forever? The answer is simple, says Seattle real estate broker Mike Kass: Making relatively small changes is a smart way to raise your home's value. "You can have a really upscale house, but it won't look good with cheap hardware," he says. "If the bathroom doesn't look high class, you should upgrade it. Or, if you have an older house and update an obsolete bathroom, that can add value."

4. Your family's needs shift

When your family situation changes, so does its needs. "People often remodel or add a second bathroom when they have children on the way," says Susan Templer, an interior designer in San Francisco. "They might want a bigger bathtub or need more storage for the kids' things."

But it's not just the little ones who inspire alterations to the bathroom. As older adults find their mobility changing, they may be more comfortable in rooms designed for their needs. "Older people might not want to step in and out of a tub," McCurdy says. "A lot of people replace bathtubs with walk-in showers for safety."


5. Your bathroom isn't "you"

Standard-issue faucets and fixtures may be functional, but there's nothing distinctive about them. If these details don't fit your personal aesthetic, it doesn't take much to find a look that goes with your style. "The fixtures in a bathroom are like furniture," says McCurdy. "Just as you would redesign a living room or dining room, you can create a bathroom that fits your design." Whether you prefer classic lines or sleek modern curves, a few small changes can make a big impact.


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