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Bellegrove™ sponge caddy - K-6545
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Bellegrove™ sponge caddy - K-6545

Bellegrove™ sponge caddy

- K-6545
Color/Finish: Stainless Steel (-ST)

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Color/Finish:  Stainless Steel (-ST)
Model Number:  K-6545-ST
List price*:  $37.00 CAD

Bellegrove™ sponge caddy

Constructed of durable stainless steel, this sponge caddy fits securely over the saddle of the Bellegrove double-equal kitchen sink. It keeps sponges, washcloths, brushes, and other cleaning tools in easy reach.

  • Fits securely over the sink divider
  • Hold sponges, scrub brushes and other cleaning items
  • Helps to reduce clutter around the sink area
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